Board of Directors

According to our constitution, the board of our organisation consists of at least five people, the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, the Treasurer, the Secretary and a general Board Member. In addition, the general assembly can elect up to two other people as members sitting on the board. The executive board currently consists of the minimum number of five people in accordance with the articles of association.

The board of directors conducts the business of the organisation on an voluntary basis and based on rules of procedure, which specify the regulations stipulated in the constitution regarding board meetings and board decisions.

From the founding board of 2014, Ingo Wührmann (Chairperson) and Marco Spalke (Board Member) have remained and are still members of the current board. The other board members Tanja Gerdsen (Treasurer), Volker Gerdsen (Secretary) and Jens Loreit (Vice Chairman) were elected to the board after the end of the first legislative period in 2018.

Ingo Wührmann


Jens Loreit

Vice Chairperson

Tanja Gerdsen


Volker Gerdsen


Volker Gerdsen


Marco Spalke

Board Member and Missionary