Lighthouse Foundation

The Lighthouse Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes the holistic development and transformation of vulnerable children and youth in the underprivileged township of Khayelitsha, Cape Town, through various educational programs. The 12 to 18 year olds find the support they need at the Lighthouse Foundation’s youth café and afterschool program to thrive and develop to their full potential, despite adverse circumstances in their families and immediate social environment.

On the one hand, this happens through the daily afterschool program, where about 16 children and teenagers receive support from four tutors with their homework and preparation for exams as well as school graduation. By cooperating with nearby schools, the team can focus on the academic needs of individual children and support them in the most effective way.
On the other hand, the youth café, which takes place two evenings a week, helps them develop socially, emotionally and spiritually. As in many other South African communities, these children are often plagued by broken family relationships and crime in their neighborhood and school. The mentors of the Lighthouse Foundation function as role models and offer the children and young people a safe place where they can find direction, an open ear and acceptance.

In the future, a Lighthouse Youth Center is planned in Khayelitsha, which, in addition to the services described, will also be a central place of hope and support for the surrounding community. The Lighthouse Foundation wants to have a positive impact on the whole family and be seen by parents as a partner in raising their children well.

After we at HOSA e.V. have not been assisting any projects in Khayelitsha for some time, we are very excited to collaborate with an organisation in this area again, starting in 2022, and to support and advance their wonderful vision and work as best we can.