Our Relief Projects

In our function as trailblazers for bringers of hope, we are aware that emergency and crisis situations cannot always be foreseen and planned. Likewise, not every project that needs our support for a short period of time has to become a long-term partner project. Even though we prefer to focus on long-term projects because of sustainability, we do not want to close our hearts and hands in case of emergencies or specific needs of an organization that reach us within our sphere of influence.
In the future, HOSA would like to be able to react more specifically and more quickly to these emergency needs in order to be able to alleviate the immediate suffering of others. With this motivation, we have set up a separate project account (Not Projekte 9000) for emergency and crisis situations. With the help of these donations, we will be able to help people in various emergencies and disasters immediately and spontaneously.
Short-term projects, on the other hand, often involve local projects or organizations that have once off needs in a particular area. This may be, for example, the equipping of classrooms or the purchase of a vehicle. In these cases, we are able to apply for, manage and forward funds from foundations or other sponsors in Europe on behalf of the short-term project. Also, the project implementation on site is assisted by our missionaries, who are able to give advice and guidance throughout the process. Our collaboration with The Rock Academy (see below) is a great example of such a short-term project.