Hope Projects

In April 2014 Marco and Justine Spalke got the vision to build a multifunctional center of hope, education, support, encouragement, change as well as inner and outer healing in a small, abandoned township. A short time later they met the residents of 7de Laan and immediately it was clear: this is the place!

In October 2015 the Hope Center was opened by our partner organization HOSA – Hope Southern Africa in 7de Laan. Over the years a preschool, a family preservation drop-in center and an aquaponics garden were added.

In 2020, the project was handed over to the local organization Hands & Feet, which is promoting the original vision of the Hope Center with an energetic team of over 20 full-time and volunteer employees. The various programs (see diagram) are accompanied by the wealth of experience of social workers, occupational therapists and educators, as well as those employees who have come from a broken past themselves and have experienced change and thus bring their own priceless experience with them.

The Hope Center is a lively place where everyone – from the unborn children to pensioners – can seek practical help and hope for the future and where families can grow together and prosper.