Our History

In 2013, a group of members of the church Freie Christengemeinde Oldenburg visited South Africa for a two week outreach. During their stay, the idea of ​​founding an organisation in Germany arose to support missionaries working in South Africa in their local work and to provide them with a reliable partner.

Out of this motivation, HOSA e.V. was founded on September 15, 2013 with headquarters in Oldenburg. With the entry of the organisation in the NGO register of the Oldenburg District Court, the responsible tax office also determined compliance with the tax exemption requirements for non-profit organisations.

This was the starting point for the rapid development of HOSA in the years that followed. To date, more than 500 supporters have been won for the vision and projects of the organisation.

The mission and purpose of the organisation, anchored in the founding constitution, have remained unchanged to this day. They include, amongst others, the promotion of the Christian faith, youth welfare, education and vocational training, community development and the promotion of civic engagement for the benefit of charitable, non-profit and religious purposes.

Since the inception of the organisation we have felt that it is dynamic and growing with the various projects that have been and are still being developed in South Africa. For this, we are very grateful to God and our many supporters.